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The Streets On Fire

Chicago’s The Streets On Fire wear their influences on their sleeve, and in this case, that’s a good thing. While the ‘post-punk dance rock’ label is certainly appropriate, the undertones of psych-pop, garage, kraut-rock, and techno allow The Streets On Fire to take you on a journey from ‘Past’ to ‘Now’, all while forcing the listener out of the comforts of a bar stool and into a feverish whirling dervish dance fury.

From the underground shows below an egg factory in Chicago’s industrial corridor to NYC’s CMJ Music Marathon and Austin’s SXSW, The Streets On Fire bleed passion. They turn heads and entertain the masses till the sun comes up. Chadwick’s Jagger-like strutting and stage antics put the hedonistic face on this harried body of forceful percussion, angular guitar licks, and slinky bass grooves that throw buckets of sleaze, dirt, and tears.

The 2009 debut EP Hot Weekend and 2010 full-length This Is Fancy are somehow able to capture a piece this energy; in fact, we recommend keeping a towel near your stereo to soak up any sweat that may leak in the wake of these songs…especially the lead tracks on This is Fancy ‘No One’s Fucking to the Radio’ & ‘The Basement’.

Fast forward to 2018, when the band has released their third studio album, Dead Styles.  Seven years in the making, this album  includes tracks from both former and current bassists Sebastian Brzek and Scott Van Buren.  Recorded and produced at various Chicago sound studios including Electrical Audio, Strobe, Constellation, the album’s first single “Crystal Falls” attracted the mixing talents of L.A. based, Grammy Award-winning producer Dave Schiffman. “Love Spirits” quickly got radio airplay after being favorited by Chicago-based DJ Greg Corner.    

Listening to The Streets On Fire will make your girlfriend grab you by the balls, drag you to the dance floor, and punch you in the face, all while wearing six inch stilettos…and you’ll be begging for more.